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Plus Products launched their new CBD-only line of cannabis gummies in New York in September 2019 and tasked ALB to develop an immersive media and influencer event to drive coverage and buzz throughout NYC. 

Each product required its own aesthetic representation and experiential element, all seamlessly incorporated within a premium, exclusive event environment that would attract high-profile celebrity and influencer partners. 



Created a multi-sensory event at Glasshouse in Manhattan, which featured three spaces themed after each PLUS product: Uplift, Balance, Sleep. 

Each experience featured themed cocktails and appetizers, photo ops, and artistic elements including disco dancing in a large Plus cube, a huge Zen garden, and a fully furnished cloud lounge that was developed in partnership with Casper mattresses.  

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How it works: 


A modular gummy-inspired layout with stacked cubes representing the 3 flavors. Large brightly lit cubes create a walk-through experience of product effects with sampling. 

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How it works: 


A multi-level, multi-cube 'Find Your Just Right' sensory experience. Each cube will include an experience dedicated to individual flavor and they will be lit with flavored colors. Cubes will be controlled to alternate and flicker in unison. 

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